Sunday, 8 September 2013

Lovely September days digging, weeding & harvesting.

So as the title say's it was a lovely day to do some weeding. We also did some pruning of the fruit that had finished, Gooseberry, Blackberries, Black/Red Currants and the Blueberries all had a trim.
The forecast was for occasional showers, we did experience a few in the 3 hours we & our Chickens were there, but didn't stop us! 
Not a bad harvest too, we have been down a few times in the week and brought home similar harvests, one of the best has been Runner Beans (watch the video for the amount picked). 
Have bought some winter Onions 'Red Winter' and 'Senshyu' will start these off at home in cells first though.

If you remember our bumper harvest of Blackcurrants well about 6lb went into making 2 gallons (12 Bottles) of Wine, my daughter describes it as Alcoholic Ribena, but initial tasting puts it at med sweet, but must be left for at least 6 months before opening. But does taste lovely though I say it myself.

So as I mentioned check out my latest Allotment walkabout video, link below.

Thanks for reading/returning & viewing. Ian.

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  1. Brilliant ! Really enjoy seeing your vegetable garden harvest ..and the chickens .
    Look forward to seeing more . Daisy Debs : )