Sunday, 17 July 2011

Wet, Wet, Wet, Chickens too

Haven't featured the Chickens lately, so thought I'd show them enjoying one of their favorite treats, Super Mix Corn from the Smallholder range of Ex-Bat feeds.

So from left to right:
Peggy, Hetty, Betty & Maud (with her back to you).

So back to today and what a wet day it's been, non stop all day, well at least it will top up the rain butts & maybe the well too on the Allotment.

But here is Peggy again, in mid preen after a soaking this morning, shes sheltering up near the house where it's a little dryer.

So I got busy this week and started making the Blackcurrant wine. The recipe I use can be used for lots of fruit, so here it is:

Place 3lb 1,350g of fruit in a large bucket, crush with a potato masher or similar then add a gallon of Boiled water. Leave for 3 days stirring each day with a wooden spoon (sterilised with with boiling water).

Then strain the fruit mixture through a Jelly Bag (as in my picture) or use Muslin and a sieve.

The strained juice is then put in a large preserving pan (one that will hold at least 2
gallons) and warmed up over
a low heat then add 3lbs 1,350g of Sugar and stir until disolved.
When the mixture
has cooled a little add 1.5 to 2 tsps of Wine Yeast & mix in, then transfer into Demijohns & fit an airlock, as you can see I managed to fill almost 3. So make sure you have plenty of sterilised Demijohns ready.

When fermentation has stopped, takes about 2-3 weeks, keep checking bubble rate in air lock daily. You can do 1st racking, by using a syphon tube, transfer the wine into a spare Demijohn, this helps to clear the wine and might have to be done 3 times, but will cover this process when I do mine.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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  1. Good work. Will be interesting to see how it all turns out once fermentation is complete. I don't drink alcohol anymore, but Sober Blog