Sunday, 31 July 2011

Lets talk Onions

So today I planned to lift all the Onions.

Back in April I planted out about 300 various Onions:
Hyred (heat treated) 2nd row.
Fen Early (heat treated) 3rd row.
Hytech (heat treated) 4th row.
We also planted some we bought from local discount store and cant remember its name but it's a Red variety 1st row on the left of pic.

This is the largest, one of the Fen Early (heat treated) Onions, as you can see its 4" across, most of the others were a good size too.

The reason for trying 'heat treated' Onions this year is because they are supposed to not 'go to seed' early and these certainly have not, so that process seems to work.
I think we got them from Thompson & Morgan or maybe Marshalls.

Most did grow well only a few failed, but as you will see later almost 300 did make it!

Due to thefts at the Allotments I didn't want to leave them there to dry, so on arrival home with all the Onions I put them in the garden while the Chickens were around, but they ignored them, I'm sure the smell put them off!

But as you can see they enjoy scratching & pecking around the garden, we've no grass left & all potted plants have been moved away. There are a few things they don't eat Mint for example, but they dont do too badly for food, we collect weeds & greens from the Allotment for them most days, in fact we are growing extra crops, mostly Brassicas just for them!

Anyway back to the Onions, here they are spread out on top of the Chicken Run to dry, actually it's an excellent place to dry them, all 278 of them.
(144 Red and 134 White)

The Chickens don't seem to mind as it gives them more shade on the sunny days still to come I hope.
Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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  1. Oh wow! Plenty of onions! This is the first year I've tried growing any and I'm quite pleased with the handful I've got :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx