Monday, 11 July 2011

Harvest, Harvest, Harvest

Absolutely the best time of the year and well worth all the effort since the start of spring.

A bowlful of Redcurrants (3lb) pi
cked on Sunday and made into Jelly, lovely on any meal.

There are still some Blackcurrants to harvest and I'm looking for an easy Wine recipe, as the Raspberry & Rhubarb i
s near to being bottled.
Here is a typical days harvest:

Broad Beans

and Flowers.

So it's been a lovely couple of days on the plot, had some much needed rain and everything is growing fast.

Our allotment site had an Open Day last week end, it was busy & we had lots of visitors, locals and allotment folk from other sites near & far. There were cakes, plants, bric-a-brac and activities for the kids who seemed to have a fun filled day.
Roll on next year.

But not only harvesting is done, we are also planting more crops as soil is released from other crops like Potatoes, Garlic etc.

So more Lettuce, Kale, Sweetcorn, Spinach, Squashes & Courgettes have been planted.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. I wish my allotment had an open day. Sounds delightful and part of the reason I wanted a plot was to make new friends. So far, a bunch of miseries! :(

  2. An open day sounds fun, we don't have one either tho, although people on our site are at least friendly... :)

  3. I like the sound of your open day. I hope I'll be able to arrange one for our allotments one day! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx