Sunday, 21 November 2010


Sorry been a long time since last update, but had a busy few weeks with projects at home, plus the weather hasn't been good for Allotment work.
But did have to rush down one afternoon, due to phone call from nei
ghbor who's shed
had been broken into,
so checked ours which had been opened but all was OK, but talking to other plot holders about 12 sheds had things taken from them, mostly tools & mechanical equipment, especially petrol powered. Apparently there is a notorious gang who only take these type of things as they have a ready market for them, which is a worry. But at least I never keep expensive equipment in the shed, prefer to keep my
tools at home.

So now for this week: We put some 'fat balls' up for the birds & almost straight away this cheeky Robin appeared.

It's important now the weathers colder to keep the feeders topped up.

The Sprouts are still doing well and with only 34 days to go until Christmas, they have time to get bigger.

Only crop harvested today was Carrots, but managed to temporary plant some extra Raspberry canes ready for cropping next autumn, will put them in the fruit cage with the rest soon.

Thanks for reading/returning, Ian.

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  1. They are very sad individuals who steal and take pleasure away from others. Worth while investing in one of these...

    Forget about the ones which have magnetic attachments, they go off with the slightest rattle in the wind. The one above is heat sensitive, and at 130db, is louder than an aircraft I think! That'll scare em'!!!