Sunday, 24 October 2010

Weekend before the clocks go back

Almost another 2 week interlude, but this picture is of the harvest from last weekend (17th) as we didn't have time to do anything else, due to other commitments.

Raspberries, Carrots
Sweet Potatoes which we actually grew in a large pot.

So back to today, which was another sunny, but chilly, day.

These Brussel Sprouts are looking good, and should be huge by Christmas, which seems to be the only time most people eat them, but we like them with a Sunday roast. But they do taste so much nicer than Shop bought ones.

These Leeks are doing well, some have already been harvested and added to some of the Potatoes dug up were made into Leek & Potato soup, a perfect winter warmer.

So as I said earlier a lovely day, but because my wife was convalescing after a bout of food poisoning, got from a local restaurant, I didn't have time to do anything more than harvesting.

Today's harvest:
Tomatoes & Raspberries.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

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