Sunday, 10 October 2010

Glorious day today & Spuds dug up

Special day today as it was 10/10/10 & we arrived at about 10:10am too.

Sorry it's been a 2 week break since last Blog, Wife was doing a Willow Weaving workshop so could not get to Allotment last weekend.

But 1st how about this Weird shaped Carrot.
I might send this photo to Kitchen Garden mag, they like oddly shaped Veg.

I love this time of year, as it the start of the big clear-up & a good excuse for a Bonfire.

All the weeds pulled up over summer can be finally burnt, leaving us with a free supply of 'Potash' good to improve soil especially round the base of fruit bushes.

The last of the Sweetcorn was harvested today so the woody stems also go on the bonfire, no waste here.

But the biggest job to do today was dig up the last of the Cara Main crop Potatoes. The last 5 rows, out of 7 planted, yielded 153Lb (approx 69.5 Kg)

So I estimate the total yield to be 214Lb (97.3 Kg)
From an initial purchase of 2.75 Lb (6Kg)
So not a bad return.

Whilst tidying up and pulling up some Leeks we found this rather healthy looking Toad. Glad to have them as they love chomping on Slugs. I hope to build a pond over winter so we should have Frogs too, more Slugs are doomed :)

So despite it being October it was more like a Spring day today, warm & sunny and we are still harvesting:
Butternut Squash
Runner Beans
and Potatoes of course.

Thanks for reading/returning look out for next up-date.


  1. Nice Tatties, love the carrot and the Toad is the star of the show!
    Well done you. I wish I could be at my allotment!!

  2. I have just got my allotment and am so excited and can't wait to get going! Reading your blog has motivated me even more and I look forward to learning even more from you.