Sunday, 18 July 2010

Redcurrants made into Jelly within 12hrs

It was another overcast & showery day today, so more harvesting had to be done, but also had to harvest the Redcurrants as they were ripe & ready.

There was at least 4lb of Redcurrants on our one and only bush.

So less that 12 hours after harvesting Redcurrant Jelly was made.
Lovely on New Potatoes, Pork, Beef & Lamb.

Other harvesting done today:
Mini Cauliflower
Curly Kale
Petit Pois Peas & Mange Tout
Round Courgette
Broad Beans
Raspberries & 2 Final Strawberries.

Thanks for reading/returning, look out for next weeks up-date.
Ian x


  1. Wow what a harvest! you are going to put Waitrose out of business at the rate you are going. The Redcurrant jelly looks FAB.

  2. Great harvest and speedy transformation into my favourite mouth is watering! I hope I finally get some redcurrants this year over here in NZ. I am enjoying your blog immensely...thanks :)