Sunday, 11 July 2010

A fatastic days work on the Allotment

Lovely weather today, not too hot & yesterdays wind had dropped too. So a busy time ahead,
This photo shows our Pea & Bean patch, this years Pea crop has been great especially the Petit Pois, harvesting every day now.

The frame in the foreground contains Curly Kale & Mini Cauliflowers.

Main job today was to dig up some more Charlotte Potatoes, to release extra space for more crops as the potatoes had done their stuff loosening the soil, it's ideal for Carrots.

So two rows of Carrots have been sown, under fleece, as a barrier against root fly and also some Leeks (on right).

Here's a tip:
You can plant most things after potatoes except Brassicas (Cabbage etc).

Also had to drastically cut back one of the Black Currant bushes, as it had developed 'Big Bud' disease. But removing it has given the Red Currants more space & in less shadow so should ripen sooner.
We have harvested over 7lb of Black Currants from the remaining two bushes, now made into Jam.

Also weeded the Raspberries to aid ripening.

So this is today's haul:
Black Currants
Mange Tout &
Petit Pois Peas
Broad Beans
Mini Cauliflower
Charlotte Potatoes (out of shot)
& Flowers too.

So it has been a busy but satisfying day on the plot, lots done and lots harvested.
There is still lots more to come too, I love our Allotment.

Thanks for reading/returning next up-date real soon, so watch this space.


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  1. Fantastic read and you have given me some good ideas! I will be digging out the last of my 1st Earlies and putting LEEKS (thanks to you) in their place. I have a load just out of the Greenhouse hardening off, not that they need it in this weather. I also have some Savoys and Greyhounds to go out too, so will be interplanting cabbages and leeks!
    Love the photos. Yours is a REAL allotment! :0)