Sunday, 4 July 2010

Independance day on the Allotment

Today has been a slightly odd day, weather was a bit disappointing, dark sky with rain clouds, but it mostly missed us, only a very small shower for a minute or two, but very windy.

We were greeted by one of our neighbors who asked if we had noticed anything missing from our shed or plot, which after a quick look around we found nothing missing. It appeared that over Thursday/Friday someone had visited our site and helped themselves to Fruit & Veg from several plots and some sheds were broken into too. Our neighbor had all his Gooseberries taken, another a whole
Bush of Blackcurrants, Redcurrants taken from another & Asparagus too. After our Rhubarb was taken several times we were concerned that whoever it is knows where they can get FREE fruit & veg and we were right :(
The committee are working close with the local Police, so hopefully after this spate of thefts, Police patrols will be stepped up and the thief caught.

So knowing thiefs are about we harvested as much as we could.
In this photo there is about 4lb of Blackcurrants, 2lb Strawberries, Raspberries, 2 types of Lettuce, a Cucumber & Mange Tout.

We also harvested the Garlic as it was ready anyway, see below for a great idea for hanging it to dry.

There were 2 Onions also ready to lift.

We use a sock/underwear drying hanger to dry our Garlic & Onions

So today was just a Harvesting day, also dug up some more 'Charlotte' Potatoes we plan to sow some more Carrots (under Fleece) in the space left, as the soil will be light after the Potatoes have done their stuff :)

Thanks for reading/returning, sorry the start was a bit sombre, but it had to be said. Look out for next up-date.



  1. Thats awful that someone can do that - I would be gutted if that happened to us on our plot!

    Am loving the idea for hanging onions and garlic - may have to get myself some of those!!!

  2. Sorry to hear this. Unfortuantely its a feature of many of allotment sites.