Sunday, 21 February 2021

Allotment digging

Well one week of February left & we have lots of seeds started, potatoes chitting too. 

Check back next week to see our 'chitting' potatoes

Our heated propagators are working overtime with tomatoes & peppers that are already sprouting.

So while Jo was busy cleaning the greenhouse glass & rescuing plants, that were in danger of being thrown out with the weeds by me!  
I got busy digging over more of last years Brassica patch.
We also noticed a Frog in our pond, so we hope to see frogspawn soon, last year it was late March.
So as I said, we have been busy now its a tad warmer. 
I could not visit our plot for 10 days, but didnt matter as it was so cold anyway, I believe the ground was frozen hard!
Look at these healthy buds on the Blackcurrants, we did a hard prune over winter and it hasn't harmed them at all.
We hope to return often and get it fully prepared for planting. 

This year is marching on & as I've said before during these hard times an Allotment is a safe place and ideal isolation.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo


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