Sunday, 19 July 2020

Another 5 hours busy on our plot

We needed to weed these brassica tunnels, as they were a bit over run. 
Jo did it all while I was busy elsewhere.
I earthed up the leeks as Gardeners World said its best to, so they stay nice and white. 
I've never done it before so will be interesting to see. 
The patch of soil at the back, where Charlotte potatoes had been dug up, has been dug over and levelled, we will plant some spinach there soon.
Some of the broad beans had finished, so Jo planted some pak choi that we had started off in a seed tray. 
We covered them with a netting tunnel, so the birds dont peck them out!
I made a bird table from some scrap wood, as we had some extra bird seed, so thought our allotment visitors would like it. 
I finished cutting the grass on the path, with my old shears, hard work, but worth it.
Jo was looking in the pond and spotted quite a lot of froglets & tadpoles with back legs already formed, so a good year for our pond again.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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