Sunday, 5 July 2020

Rhubarb wine making time

As its getting to the end of Rhubarb season, its time to make some wine. 
But first pick about 3lb of rhubarb (10-12 stalks) trim & wipe clean, then chop into 2" pieces and freeze for 2 days. 
You then put the frozen rhubarb pieces in a large bowl and cover with 3lb of sugar & leave over night. 
Next strain all the fruit & syrup through a jelly bag or muslin, make sure you wash off all the sugar from the remaining rhubarb, add a cup of black tea and make up to a gallon (8 pints). Put all the liquid into a clean demijohn add yeast, air-lock & leave for 1-3 weeks to ferment. 
When fermentation has finished, put 2 campden tablets in to make sure fermentation doesnt continue & transfer to another clean demijohn, to clear for a few weeks. 
When its clear carefully syphon into sterile bottles and seal, leave for 6 months, but must be drunk within 2 years. Enjoy.  
Today's harvest: Another 12lb of Stockbridge Arrow rhubarb! Wont make wine out of all it, maybe half, but there is crumble, cakes & ice-cream to make with it, will give some away to neighbors too.
And all this too, far too much to mention it all!
I love this time of year when we can harvest after all our hard work.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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