Monday, 23 September 2019

Harvests & weeding time!

Such a lovely morning, so Jo & I decided to visit our plot today as Sunday was so wet! 

We harvested this lot while there.
I dug a few Picasso potatoes up, these will do a few meals over the next week or so.
I cleared around the Cara potatoes, there were plenty of weeds, but now looks a lot better & the Parsnips (on the left) now have more room to grow.
So while I was doing the Cara patch, Jo weeded around this patch where the Spinach, Kale and Cabbages are. Keeping the netting on has helped them to grow strong, no interference from birds!
Jo then weeded around the Leeks and they are looking really good & healthy.
Jo then weeded this patch where there is Pac-Choy, Lettuce & Kale, also still under netting, to keep the birds off. 
She picked the biggest Lettuce too!
So it was a good few hours and we got a lot done including the bumper harvest, as in 1st photo.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo


  1. A lovely visit and some great pictures as well. So very tidy as well. :-)

    1. Thats clever photography, I only take pics of the neat patches LoL

  2. Mmm, that is a good harvest! We're missing beetroot and parsnips from our plot this year :-(

    1. Shame Belinda, I'm making Beetroot wine again this year.