Sunday, 24 February 2019

Three days of half term on the plot

I made a start on this patch, digging out weeds, roots & un-wanted plants. 
Took me a few hours, but very satisfying.
While I was busy, Jo dug out this raised bed. 
It was a herb & strawberry bed. 
So once re-lined & filled, we will plant just herbs again.
I carried on digging over this patch, only spent a few hours in the afternoon, as it was getting cooler.
Sunday: We noticed that the Gooseberry bush is full of buds, looks like a bumper harvest again, so the hard pruning we did over winter has worked.
We also noticed that the Rhubarb is getting bigger & lots more leaf buds are poking through. 
I carried on digging over the patch I started on Friday, only a small bit left to do. 

It generated a lot to burn, so I had a bonfire too.
While having a coffee break, we heard a commotion and looked up to see three Great Tits flying around from tree to tree, almost chasing each other. 
If you look close all three are in this tree. 
Looking in our bird book it said they are more agressive than their Blue cousins.
It was like summer over the last few days, today I even took of my fleece and was walking around in a t-shirt!

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo