Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Garlic planting time

Garlic planting
These I was told are Large White garlic. 
Not grown them before so we will see how they do over the coming months.
But first, remove the outer papery covering and you will find a cluster of cloves, break each one off carefully from the centre stalk.
And you will have lots of individual cloves ready to plant into cells, or if the ground is warm enough, outside into a prepared patch. 
I got 20 cloves from these 2 bulbs so if each clove produces 10 thats a lot of Garlic!

It's most important to plant them the right way up, the flat bottom is the root end and the pointed tip is the top, this one has already started to sprout.
I filled a cell tray with compost, moistened it well and using a dibber made a hole in each cell and pushed  a clove firmly into each hole. I have left these in the greenhouse to get established and when its warm enough I will plant out into a patch on our allotment.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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