Sunday, 16 October 2016

One crop out another in

The Senshyu onions have been growing well in cell trays. 
I started them off about a month ago and they are now ready to go in. 

I prepared the patch last weekend, its where a few rows of Cara spuds were growing & now dug up.
As you can see the Onions have a good root structure, starting them off this way gives them an early start and also stops the birds pulling them out.
That's 95 put in and watered well. 

I will put a similar number of Red Winter onions in next time I'm down. 
Today's Harvest:
Chilean Guavas,
Chicken greens too.
The weather today was a bit mixed, rain all morning, then a few hours of sun in the afternoon, as we walked home rain was returning.

Thanks for reading/returning, Ian & Jo

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