Monday, 31 October 2016

Monday on the plot

First job, to extend this patch next to the Garlic I put in a few weeks ago. 
Then plant out some Broad Beans I started off in cells at home. 
I found quite a few Lady Christl potatoes too while digging over this patch.
Another job that needed doing, cutting down the sweetcorn as it had finished. 
So a good excuse for a bonfire, there was a pile of weeds to burn too!
So while I was down on the plot, I did a spot of harvesting: 
Last of the Cox's apples 
& some Cara potatoes, for chips tonight.
Was such a lovely day today, so I took a pic-nic lunch there too, was lovely just listening to the birds.

If you were wondering why I didn't go on Sunday, well I went to Brick Live at the N.E.C in Birmingham a Lego show organised by Lego fans and it was great (my other hobby). 

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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