Sunday, 9 November 2014

Raspberry supports in finally

On Friday the Raspberries we ordered from Kitchen Garden magazine arrived, 6 of each: 
Malling Minerva (early summer fruiting)
Glen Fyne (summer fruiting)
Polka Agm (autumn fruiting)

So I got the supports in and as it started to rain, I just heeled the new canes in, for planting proper in the week. 

Wont fit the tension wires just yet, will wait until they put on growth in the spring.
The Spinach I sowed earlier, either didn't germinate or a mouse has munched on the emerging shoots. 
So I started some more off in a seed tray at home, and planted them out today in one of the raised beds. 
Lets hope they survive.
Anyway you can't see the rain in this photo, in fact the sky looks rather blue, but it was getting late and we had done enough, but as you can see no wind, the flag is limp. But everywhere was wet!
Two days later (Tuesday) I did get the Summer fruiting Raspberry canes in. 
Will let them grow a bit before I put the support wires in.

Not ready for the Autumn ones yet so just heeled them in the corner.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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