Sunday, 2 November 2014

November already

Only went to the Allotment today to dig up the last of the Cara Potatoes. 
As I have said before the yield has not been as good as in past years, today I dug up 8.99kg (19lb 13oz) from 2 rows. So total yield is about 18kg (39lb) from an initial 3kg purchase.
In the Greenhouse the Chillies are still growing, had to pick one as it looked like it was about to fall off, when I picked it I found a woodlice in the top of it! So hope it hasn't eaten all the insides.
Harvests today: 
Chilli, Raspberries, Kale and Cara Potatoes. 

Also some greens for our chickens.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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