Sunday, 11 May 2014

Rain & sunshine didn't stop us !

As the title says, rain and sunshine didn't stop us. 
It's been raining on & off all weekend, but between the showers & as it cleared up Sunday afternoon we got to do quite a lot on the plot. Here are the Sante Potatoes I have been earthing these up for a few weeks now. Also been weeding the fruit cage & putting weed suppressant fabric down to keep the weeds under control. Only have the centre to do now where the old early Raspberries are, we will just get one more year out of them, then will replace with some new canes.   
The new raised bed has some Strawberries in it now, rescued from the fruit cage whilst weeding around the Blueberries. 
But in the patch further back I have been earthing up the early Potatoes, Winston and Charlotte, the Nadine I put in a week ago, are not showing just yet. 
But more sun & rain will help the 1st early Winstons to mature ready for digging soon.  
Been hoeing around the Shallots, Beetroot and Parsnips. 
Have put canes in to support the Broad Beans as they have shot up and its a bit windy, they don't like to be windswept! 
Empty 500ml bottles on top of the canes act as Bird Scares and protect us from eye jabbing!  
More earthing up, this time the Cara (main crop) they haven't been in long but are already showing. 
The Onions are looking better after a hoeing session and the Brassicas are growing well under the netting. 
We have also planted out the Runner Beans, that we started off at home in toilet roll tubes. 
I prepared the ground under the netting frame by adding plenty of Manure & Newspaper (to retain moisture). 
Have also put some Sweetpeas to climb up the other side of the netting. 
Crops harvested this week:

Broad Beans (from the greenhouse).
Plenty of Rhubarb (Stockbridge Arrow and Victoria).

I have started a batch of Rhubarb Wine from what we picked last week.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. It all looks great. You are a lot more organised than me

    1. Its 14 years of practise Kerry, I'm sure you will catch up though :)

  2. Photos are great, you seem a lot further on than we are.

  3. Gr8 blog x very inspiring x makes me want an allotment EVEN MORE x x

    1. Glad you like it Shay, hope you get an Allotment soon :)

    2. Thanks x me too ;) (waiting lists!) x and the very best of luck with yours x