Monday, 5 May 2014

Busy, Busy May Bank Holiday Weekend

Lots and lots to do, over a 3 day weekend, but weather was good.

I started with adding a row of Romanescu Cauliflower, alongside the Onions and next to the other Cabbages. 
I prepared the bed by digging it over adding Lime and mixing it in then firming the soil again, as all Brassicas like firm soil, as you can see its netted to stop the birds feasting on them! 
Harvested some more Stockbridge Arrow Rhubarb, but I chose these 3 almost straight stalks, the longest is 24" / 60cm long worthy of a 'Best in Show' surely. 

I also put some Mulch fabric under the Victoria Rhubarb to stop the weeds taking over.
I bought a sack of this 'Gro-Sure Farmyard Manure' as recommended by some other plot holders, to add to the soil in the raised bed I made last week. We then sowed some Dwarf Bean seeds.
The other job I had to do was dig up all the Musselburgh Leeks that were growing between the Potatoes I had put in. 

I needed the space for yet more Potatoes and the Leeks were ready to harvest, the weight of these with leaves & roots removed was 2.2lb/1Kg plenty for a few meals. 
I put some more weed control fabric down underneath the Currant bushes and Blueberries, this patch in the fruit cage is plagued with Ground Elder, so we hope to keep it under control with this.
Bank Holiday Monday: 
In the space where the Leeks were, I dug it over again, removing as many weeds as I could, added some Potato fertiliser & planted 33x 2nd early Nadine Potatoes in 3 rows, a quick crop turnaround! 

So all the Potatoes are in now, not planted in order but I'm trying a new system: 1st early - main - 2nd early - main - 2nd early, to give us a better choice over the year.
We cleared half the greenhouse of Rocket, Peas and a few Broad Beans and added 3 Tomatoes and a Cucumber. 

We have lots of Tomato plants waiting to go in so will have to wait until the Broad Beans have finished, had some pods already.
A bit of a drama unfolded today, we heard a loud buzzing coming from the hive on a nearby plot, we watched the swarm of Bees as it moved towards our plot and they settled on our fence, compost bin & archway! We had to call out the local bee keeper, who is also a plot holder and he came to our assistance, it was nothing to worry about, but as he explained it is the time of year for swarms! 
We were in no danger and if you can see a bucket upturned on the top of the arch its there to attract the Queen so the other Bees follow her, then they are collected and taken to a safe hive. 
I returned this morning to find all the Bees had gone, happy that they found a new home :)

Crops harvested: Leeks, Kale, Peas, Asparagus, Rhubarb, Rocket and Broad Beans.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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