Sunday, 20 April 2014

Busy Easter Weekend

Well I started the weekend on Saturday by incorporating the manure into the soil here with my Rotovator. So today I planted 36 'Cara' main Potatoes in 4 rows. 
The space was a bit tight, so planted them a bit closer than I would normally, each row 28" between, each seed spud 14" apart, this wont make much difference except the spuds might be a bit smaller. But as Cara are usually massive this will be fine.
Another job that needed doing was this corner by the Shed where the rain barrels are, the path was full of soil, weeds (nettles etc) so dug all that out, nettles etc burned! and re-laid the weed suppression fabric and a good pile of woodchips on top.   
Sunday: I got another 4 pallets (2 lots of 2 nailed together) up as a replacement fence between us & neighbour. Not much left to do, only one more 2 pallet panel to go, before I can have a break from it. 
Our neighbour has fruit bushes in flower at the moment, so will replace the fence along that patch in the autumn/winter.  
Already earthed up the first early 'Winston' potatoes a few times they are coming through and getting taller daily, the 'Sante' potatoes I put in a few weeks ago are also just showing. 

We've also got Asparagus coming up daily, already cut 3, another 9 almost ready to cut today & even more appearing :) Rhubarb is massive too, so harvesting this every time we visit!
Just love this colourful patch, with Spinach on the left, Rainbow Chard front right and soon a patch of Poppies that have been sown, back right. Under the netting tunnel is Kale, for us & our Chickens :) 
We have also sown a patch of BBC Countryfile 'Grow Wild' wild flowers.
So a busy Easter weekend, I think we have spent 10 hours! 5 today & 5 yesterday. 
Still Monday to go but think we have something else to do in the morning! 

Bank Holiday Monday: 
I moved the remaining pallets, stacked back into the corner, might make a Bug Hotel out of them, then started to dig over the compacted soil, removing some big roots, bind weed & ground elder, planning to use the space reclaimed for Squashes & Pumpkins, the netting frame on the right has Cabbages in it, we weeded that a week ago. In the foreground is a patch of self seeded Poppies that we might leave for the Bees.
And another harvest of Rhubarb, that's over 4lb we have taken so far this spring. 

Time for a video next w/e so keep checking.

Thanks for returning/reading. Ian


  1. Amazing work! Some seriously good allotmenteering going on Ian.

    1. Thanks Jayce, yes glad the weather was on our side, got more done than we thought, so less to do when planting hots up :)