Sunday, 13 April 2014

April Planting Weekend

Such a lovely weekend.
Good job too, had lots to do, planting, clearing, weeding & burning!

But first, the planting of Potatoes, getting my 2nd early Charlotte in, the 3rd to be planted, still have 2 more to go!
As you can see here they have 'chitted' well, lots of people ask me how 'chit' them, some even show pics of long pale shoots.

But as you can see here these have short stubby, dark colour shoots which are perfect for planting.
Our first harvest proper of 2014.

Rhubarb & Spring Onions, If you watch the video you will also see another crop almost ready for picking.
So as I said a lovely weekend, no rain, some sun, but a bit windy.

But still perfect for digging, planting & weeding.

Watch the video too, lots more to see.

 Thanks for reading/returning & watching. Ian

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