Saturday, 22 September 2012

Potato digging day

I was so glad the weather was fine today, because I planned to dig up the Cara potatoes I planted way back in April.
On the 8th of April I planted 72 tubers of 'Cara', in 8 rows, I have grown Cara many times before so expected a good yield again, but didn't expect the weather to be so bad this year. A very cold spell just after planting, little sun but plenty of rain.
And here is the result, almost 40lb, but as you can see quite alot of small spuds, that didn't get a chance to swell due to the weather. Sadly a fraction of our usual harvest. In 2010 I dug up 214lb of Cara from the same amount planted as this year!
But I did leave some of the 1st early 'Rocket' in the ground, so I dug up half a row and these look much better, there is over 7lb just here. I grew these last year and was happy with them.

But still have 3 rows of Blight resistant 'Sarpo Mira' to dig up, a test dig recently showed they are bulking up nicely so hope these red skinned spuds will make up for the bad Cara yield.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian 

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