Sunday, 16 September 2012

A quick harvest before the rain!

Today we left early for the Allotment as heavy rain was expected by lunchtime.

Managed to harvest all this:
Peas and Beans. 
I dug the last row of Charlotte, 2nd early, Potatoes. 
Didn't get a very good yield this year, what you can see here only weighs 3lb I planted 3 rows so I estimate 9-12lb was harvested in total, I blame the shocking weather we have had. Last year I dug up 45lb from only 2 rows!
But I managed to plant 5 seed tubers of 'Nicola' late cropping Potatoes, so will see how they do, might get some new spuds for Xmas dinner.
There are still the 'Cara' and 'Sarpo Mira' mains to dig up though. A job for the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian  


  1. There may not be many spuds, but they look good. We've had problems with slugs in ours - don't always spot the damage till the potatoes are peeled, so no more baked spuds for us this year!! Ugh

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