Sunday, 4 September 2011

A forest of WEEDS! But I won

I decided to weed the Potato patch today, because the weeds had taken over a bit because of the rain we've had lately, but mainly because I will be digging them up soon for winter storage and need to cut back the dying Halums.

It took me almost 3 hours to clear the 7 rows of Markies (main) and 2 rows of Charlotte (2nd early) you can see the results below.

But while I was weeding I disturbed a fat Toad, it's nice to know they are patrolling and hopefully eating the Slugs.

Here is today's harvest, in alphabetical order:
Potatoes (Markies)
Some of the above were included in tonight's dinner, I can highly recommend Markies they make lovely Roast Potatoes.

I know some of you like 'Before & After' pics, so here it is.

After removing the dying Halums, I earthed them up again to cover any spuds near the surface, we don't want any green (poisonous) potatoes.

I did leave a few un-cut that were still in green leaf so still growing, will check on these regularly and hope blight doesn't cause a problem, all is OK so far as I do try to grow resistant varieties.

I will now leave them there for as week or two so the skins harden ready for lifting & storage over winter. Will have to hope for a dry day so I can lift, dry and store.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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