Sunday, 19 June 2011

Super Sunny Sunday

This weekend we did so much harvesting it's hard to know where to start.

Yesterday we went to the Allotment in the afternoon and dug up some Potatoes:

Here you can see what was achieved from just 2 plants from each variety of 1st early Rocket & 2nd early Charlotte.

The fruit cage is still producing pounds of fruit, here you can see Raspberries (1lb 15oz) so to date we have harvested:
12lb 14oz (5.8kg) of Strawberries

7lb 8oz (3.4kg) of Raspberries
5lb (2.3kg) of Blackcurrants too.
All now made into delicious Jam.

Other things harvested today: Lettuce, cut & come again Salad Leaves, Radish, Spring Onions & Broad Beans.
We planted quite a lot too, more Sweetcorn, Runner Beans, Squashes and also sowed more, Spring Onions & Rocket. Sorry no pics, camera battery failed.

In 2 weeks our Allotment site is having an 'open day' so been doing a lot of weeding too, have to make our plot look nice for the visitors. Thinking of taking our Chickens down too, they will love scratching about, but we will keep them con
fined to the fruit cage, most of the fruit will have finished by then, other fruit can be netted. Looking forward to it already.

Chicken News:
Today is the 3 mon
th anniversary of us adopting our 4 'girls' they have settled in really well and are now almost fully feathered. For the last 2 weeks their egg production has lessened, we were getting 1 egg a day from each, but lately one seems to have given up as we were only getting 2 or 3 a day, but have been told this is normal for ex-battery hens, so not worried, as long as they are healthy and happy that's what matters. In fact Friday & Saturday we did get 4 eggs again, but today only 3.

I just had to show you this photo, the 'Girls' have taken over this Blue planter as their personal dust bath which is a daily routine.

I call it 'Chicken in a Pot'

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. you have had a good crop considering you only planted two tubers

  2. Hi Hort Williams

    oh, you are misinformed sorry, we planted 10 tubers of Rocket but about 26 of Charlotte, I only showed the results from digging up 2 of each.

  3. Wow! They look fab! Just dug up my first lot of rocket potatoes - will be posting piccies on my blog soon! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  4. Great spuds there!ours are still marble size so will leave them for another 2 weeks. Harvesting crops to take home is worth all the hard work during the year.We had a very successful Open day on sat last.

  5. Great looking harvest, if it ever stops raining long enough here we'll get to try ours ;)