Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Best time of the year, Harvest Time

Absolutely the best time of the year, when most crops are ready to harvest.

Here you can see the Blackcurrants which are almost ready we have Redcurrants too although not red yet but will be soon.

Our other berries are coming along fine too, the Blackberry, Tayberry & Loganberry have fruit almost ready to pick.

Everything in the Green House is doing well too.
Here you can see the Cucumber, we also have a Mini Cucumber plant which we have been harvesting from as you pick them at only 3" long. The Tomatoes & Peppers are also doing well but no fruit yet.
We give all these a daily water with Comfrey tea mixed in as a booster feed.

A typical days Harvest:
Anya new Potatoes

So as you can see everything is growing fast now, The Mange Tout in foreground are half way up the netting, all the salad crops and Onions, Garlic, Asparagus, Broad Beans, Peas etc are getting bigger every day. Rain & plenty of Sun certainly help.
Even the Chickens are benefiting as we collect a bag full of weeds for them too.

But today we had our biggest daily harvest of Strawberries, mostly 'Alice' variety, today we collected 1lb 14oz.

So just in one week we picked:
6lb 2oz Strawberries
3lb 13oz Raspberries

So we plan to make lots of Jam & Wine this year.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. Excellent to see a new post. It's hard to sit down on the computer and organise, post and write about what we've been doing in the garden when there is so much time to be spent gardening and eating!

    How do you get your cucumbers so big and well looking? Ours have been eaten/died due to being straggly little things. Any tips to get me through the worst cucumber killing I've done

  2. Yes not much success here either with cucumbers but yours look great. Got a nice little crop of blackcurrants though, any serving suggestions, i.e how do you eat yours?

  3. I have little fruit this year. Mostly new bushes so nothing, moved the raspberries - nothing, strawberries - not a lot.

    I must get the comfrey tea out more often. I've only been doing maybe once a week.

    It's encouraging though to see your harvest - maybe next year for me and fruit.

  4. I didn't net the blackcurrants in time so the birds had those! I ate the three strawberries this morning for breakfast! But I do have plenty of gooseberries coming along. Lovely harvest, being in an officially declared 'drought' region all our veggies are on the go slow at the moment.

  5. What a fab harvest!!! I'm chuffed to bits with the few strawberries I've had so far :-) Potatoes soon! Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  6. Looking good, those fruits are lovely! :) It's great to be getting stuff out of all the work now isn't it :)

  7. Im very jealous of your cucumbers, mine just wont blooming grow :o(