Sunday, 6 June 2010

A wet Sunday so not much done

As the weather was not good today I thought looking back to see how the plot has grown in 2 months might be fun.

This picture taken April 18th

This picture taken today June 6th.
As you can see its much greener and lush.
In the foreground, left, the Garlic bed & right, the Mange Tout frame.
Beyond the frame is the Comfrey patch.
The tall pale green plant on left is Spinach, and beyond that the new Potato patch.

But look how big our Strawberries are, a week of sun should turn them red, can't wait as we have so many this year, Jam making is a certainty.

Thanks for reading/returning, I hope to do a full update next week.


  1. Have to do a sun dance for you, this week is not looking good so far!

  2. Thanks BabsMcG, but we don't mind rain, it means everything gets a good watering (except greenhouse) we dont get time or have enough water to do it anyway.