Sunday, 20 June 2010

Very busy Sunday

This is Poppy & Delphinium corner (self seeded) next to the Greenhouse which contains Tomato, Cucumber & Pepper plants.

We don't mind self seeded flowers as they attract beneficial Bees.

Despite several Thefts of Rhubarb (the last time the thief took more than half the crop (if too much is taken it goes into shock, producing thinner stalks) but luckily the Rhubarb has recovered well.
We managed to harvest about 10 stalks, to make a crumble from :)

A row of Lettuce between the Brassica bed (right) & the Climbing French Bean wigwams (left), Sweet Peas are also grow here.

I made a small protective cloche from offcuts of Chicken Wire, to keep the birds off the Lettuce.

I planted more Sweetcorn today, as a succession crop, the ones in the background were planted about a month ago and are doing well.

I also planted more Kale too, so we should have a continuous crop for later in the year.

And with the help of my Petrol Strimmer, I trimmed the path edges, so you can see from one end of the plot to the other now :)

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