Sunday, 4 April 2010

More Spuds planted a perfect day too.

A chilly start, then the sun came out and it was a lovely day for Allotmenteering.

I did a bit of manual digging today, back breaking work but had to be done. Had to dig out some rather persistent weeds that come onto our plot from next door (under fence) as I will be Rotavating soon and don't want to chop up these troublesome weeds.

As planned I managed to get the 2nd Early Potatoes 'Pentland Javelin' in, 2 weeks after planting 'Charlotte' to stagger harvesting.

Planted in exactly the same way as last time, 12" apart in rows 24" between each.

I make labels on my computer with name, type and planting date, laminate them and using a hole punch thread onto a short stick. To mark the location and act as labels for the potato sacks when harvested.

This raised bed has Garlic in it, planted in the Autumn and now doing well.

The Rhubarb is growing well too, every day it gets bigger.
This variety 'Stockbridge Arrow' is a sweet early variety, we also have some 'Victoria' a less sweet late cropping type.

Thanks for returning/reading. I look forwards to your comments or tweets, check back each weekend for up-dates (usually Sunday evening) Ian.

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