Sunday, 25 April 2010

More spring planting done

My prayers were answered and it rained over night, so got lots done today.

Started by spreading some manure over the patch we are planting Peas & Beans in.

Earthed up early Charlotte potatoes, latest count 35 showing.

Weeded Onion beds and planted Pak Choi, Red Cabbage, Beetroot, Runner Beans & more Lettuce.

Here's our first harvest of Rhubarb.

This variety 'Stockbridge Arrrow' is a very tasty early cropping variety.

So Rhubarb Crumble with dinner.

Also made some cane wigwams, I use a circle of cardboard to stop weeds growing up the centre of each wigwam, because when the crops grow it makes weeding the centre very difficult.

The middle one has been planted up with Sweet Peas, the others will be planted with Climbing French Beans

Then guess what, it rained and stopped us doing any more.

Thanks for reading/returning, look out for next up-date. Ian.

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