Sunday, 17 January 2021

More clearing and harvesting

We spent just over 2 hours today. 

Was still cold, but didn't stop us.

But first a splash of colour during these grey times. 

Some red chard.

I finished digging over this patch, I started last week. 

Found a few spuds I must have missed while digging up before & after Xmas!

Jo found a few plants that had survived winter and moved them to the edges, oxeye dasies & foxgloves mainly.

I dug up a few parsnips & the last of the swedes, we had them in a veg stew for dinner, with added potatoes (from our allotment), carrots, onions & butter beans and it was tasty.
So as I said we only stayed a few hours, but still got quite a lot done. 

Its nice having extra time and perfect isolation too.

Thanks for reading/returning.

Ian & Jo


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