Sunday, 13 September 2020

Lovely sunny Sunday in September

This raised bed was over run with Rocket that had gone to seed. 

So Jo pulled it out and planted 2 rows of White Lisbon winter spring onion seed.

I tidied up the Maris Piper spud bed by removing all the weeds and earthing up the spud rows, to lessen the light they might get. 

Then in the row already dug up, I prepared the soil and planted some purple sprouting Broccoli, under a netting tunnel.

Another bumper harvest, more than we've had for a while, but thats due to the fact we havent been down to pick anything since Tuesday!
The apples are looking great, can't harvest them yet though, maybe in a few more weeks.
So as the title says a lovely sunny day & we got lots done, I even trimmed more of the grass path, with hand shears too! 

Thanks for reading/returning. 

Ian & Jo 

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