Sunday, 14 June 2020

Mid June & a change in the weather

Our first big harvest: 
Strawberries & a few Raspberries too.
More Peas put in, so squeezed in another wig-wam!

I also put in more Peas on a chicken wire frame.

So we now have 6 varieties growing, I think we must like peas!
I dug out our label making machine, so new smart labels are popping up all over our plot. It's a good way to re-use old plastic labels. I'm looking at a way to re-use wooden lolly sticks too.
We have been making the brassica tunnels bigger, by swapping wire for 20mm water tube hoops, we have replaced 5 up to now & just one more to do. 
Look our Charlotte potatoes are in flower, well 2 are so far, wont be long until we can dig some up. 

I love the thrill of digging up the 1st potatoes, to see how many we get from each plant.
Another good harvest, Chard & Strawberries again.
With all the rain the early potatoes are growing taller, so I earthed them up again, hopefully for the last time.
Well its been an interesting week, rain sun & windy too. At least the ground isn't so dry now. 
I planted out more leeks today, so check back to see how they get on. 
Check out my latest video below:

Allotment walkabout 2020

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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