Sunday, 11 August 2019

Another good harvest

I'll start with today's harvest:
Foremost potatoes
2x Courgettes
and a Cucumber.

I dug up the potatoes around 5pm and by 6:30 a few were in my tummy, you cant get fresher than that!
In the Greenhouse:

Here is the Cucumber I picked.
Still in the Greenhouse: 
The Plum Tomatoes are nearly ready, we will be making plenty of tomato sauces with these.
The climbing Borlotti Beans are doing well, they have reached the top of my 6ft wigwam and the pods are forming well, you can just see the mottled red/green colour starting.
The Coxs Orange Pippins are looking good too, the tree is laden with sweet apples.
This heritage variety 'Woodbrook Pippin' has 3 apples, last year we got just one! So hopefully its now happy in its new location.
I just love these Echinops, the bees love them too when in flower, like this one. 
The blue colour is stunning.
So I managed 3 hours today, between the showers, the sun came out and it was lovely, but the sky went very grey and it rained soon after I arrived home to make my dinner.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian (& Jo on holiday)

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