Monday, 8 July 2019

Lots & Lots done

The Cauliflower is ready to pick. 
We will have Cauliflower Cheese for dinner soon.

Tomatoes doing well in the greenhouse. 

I'm managing to water them regularly as its so hot at the moment.

We have Cucumbers too.
Still lots of Peas, they are filling out nicely. 
We have had lots so far and still loads more to come.
All of the Cara potatoes are in flower, the Picasso, planted a week earlier havent flowered yet.
Last week I showed the Pheasant nest, so neatly arranged amongst the Broad Beans. 
But sadly a few days after, we found the nest had been raided and all the eggs gone, we are sure it was a Fox. 
So Jo continued clearing the Broad Beans and tying up any that weren't.
The Apple trees are laiden and the June drop has happened, so we are expecting a bigger harvest this year.
I cleared around the pond, pulling out lots of Ground Elder, Nettles and Comfrey. 
You can see it now & while I was pulling all those weeds I could hear the Frogs plopping into the water. 
So another great harvest, lots of fruit this time and the Blackcurrants are ready, so Jo picked a punnet full.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

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  1. Wow! Streets ahead of us, with just our small salad and fruit harvests at the moment...
    Beautiful cauliflower!