Sunday, 24 June 2018

Super Sunny Sunday and 7 hours on the plot!

Yes a very sunny Sunday and as you can see its well over 100 degrees F in the greenhouse!

We spent 7 hours today, just clearing, weeding, grass cutting & planting.
I cleared this patch of mostly Poppies & some weeds, then made 2 wigwams with 1" mesh and planted 2 lots of purple podded Peas & Mange Tout. 
Also planted 3 Butternut Squashes and a Courgette. 
Don't worry I left a large area of Poppies as the Bees were busy collecting from them as they do from all the flowers we grow.
So while I was busy, Jo cleared all around the Broad Beans and found a space for another Courgette, she also cleared around the back of the Strawberry beds & found an underground Bees nest/hive, we think might be Bumble Bees.
Flowers on the 2nd early Potatoes, so should be ready soon to do a test dig. 
Can't wait.
The pond was getting choked by marsh grass and a rather large Comfrey, so Jo cleared it all away so the sun can finally get to it, hope the pond weed will go soon.
Bumper Harvest: 
Broad Beans, 
Onions & Rhubarb.
Anyway, after 7 hours we were shattered, but happy to get so much done, including cutting the grass paths again with my trusty petrol strimmer and having a bonfire to burn all those weeds we have dug out!

We had the Strawberries with vanilla ice cream after dinner and were lovely.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo.

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