Sunday, 14 May 2017

Brassica planting!

First I cleared this patch of last years spuds, weeds and roots, dug it over, raked it and added lime. 
I then planted 10 rows of assorted Brassicas: Sprouts, Cauliflowers, Calabrise & Broccoli. 
We covered the hoops with netting before we left.
Been earthing up the early spuds again, almost daily now. 
I noticed a bit of frost/wind damage on the leaves, but they will recover.
So while I planted Brassicas (see above) Jo hoed between the Onions, looks a lot better and the Onions are swelling after the recent rain.
 So today it was our 31st Wedding Anniversary and a lovely day to celebrate it on the Allotment.
Lovely Apple Blossom. 
We have Gooseberries already!
So it was a lovely sunny day & we spent a good 5 hours, planting, weeding & general allotment maintenance. 
More Rhubarb & Asparagus was harvested today too.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian & Jo

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