Sunday, 19 April 2015

Its that time of the year, for planting & things are growing.

Due to work commitments this week we only managed to get to our Allotment today, but wow we did pack a lot in.

First we planted the 2nd early 'Charlotte' potatoes, two weeks after the 'Rocket' (1st early) were planted.
Next job was to plant out some Broad Beans that we started of in a cell tray. 

Also planted some Shallot Onions that were also started of in a cell tray. 
To the right I planted out 68 'Sturon' white onions, these were also started off in cell trays and had good roots, so ready to plant out. I have 60 'Red Baron' onions to plant out next, started off in the same way.
Next job, weeded between the Garlic in this raised bed and sowed some Rocket and Carrot seed in between the Garlic rows.
While I was having a Tea break, this cheeky Robin was picking up grubs from the soil I had turned while planting the Potatoes, I hoped it would do the classic sitting on the spade handle pose, but this was the best it could do!
Now that things are warming up, lots of things are growing:
Top left: 'Stuarts Purple' Asparagus. 
Top right: Rows of Radish, Lettuce, Rocket, Spring Onions & Peas. 
Bottom left: The Rhubarb almost ready for 1st harvest. 
Bottom right: The 'Honeoye' Strawberries already in flower so soon after planting out. 
My recycling tip: If you use those Pro-biotic Yoghurt drinks in little bottles, they make great cane toppers, they clatter so frighten birds, also vibrates the soil that moles don't like and stops you stabbing your eye when bending down (see Broad Bean photo above).
So we did pack a lot into today, the weather was kind too. 
Had to have a bonfire to burn the weeds and branches chopped off the Leylandii tree I'm having to cut down, its going well, bit by bit.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian  

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