Sunday, 8 February 2015

Chitting and Chickens

I've had my seed Potatoes for 2 weeks now so here is my short lesson on 'chitting'. 

Look all over each spud, you are looking for a 'dimple' that is where it was attached to the parent plant, you need to set your spuds in an egg tray with this dimple down.
So only after two weeks I have already got some short green shoots showing. 

These are the 1st early 'Rocket' I have grown them before and found them to be very early as the name suggests. 
So here again is my 'chitting station' and old pine shelf unit I adapted by adding a few extra shelves. The Potatoes I'm growing this year, from top to bottom: 
Keers Pink 
and Cara 
194 in total, hope I have room for them all!
Chicken News: 
Our 7 hungry Chickens are doing well, the 3 Ex-Battery have retired and don't lay eggs anymore. 

The 4 Light Sussex have been laying since Jan 6th so just over a month now and so far we have had 88 eggs!
As you can see they are fully grown Hens now and I love their plumage.

The bright red comb & wattle is a good sign of health. 
Their diet of chicken feed, corn & allotment greens shows in the eggs they produce, with deep yellow yolks.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. Love your chickens , I have plenty of space for chickens , what are the basics that I need to know about keeping chickens, I suppose some chicken wire and posts would be the first thing , and how many chickens would one need in order for them not to be lonely, would love to get a couple of eggs each day or so. I remember chickens roaming freely as child when on holiday at a farm in Ireland. they had a little hen house and every morning we would go and see if we could find any eggs , would love to have some now esp. for the grand children it would be so nice , would the chicken wire keep the little dog away from them , there are also 2 wild cats that visit us regularly to get fed would these pose any danger to the chickens if I was to keep them . really dont have an idea about hens but i am going to study it before I purchase some laying hens is that what they would be called ? as it would be better to have some knowledge before I go looking to buy some , your hens look very happy , great pics. Kathy.

    1. Hi Kathy, where do I start? Yes first you need a good hen house, well ventilated but draught free, I use a small shed I converted, so I could stand up in it to clean etc. The minimum number of hens you should get is 3, just in case one dies, they are social birds and a single one will be unhappy. For your chickens to be safe a run should be provided at least a sq mtr per hen is required for space, but the bigger the better. Your dog might not bother them but yes a chicken wire barrier would be best, I don't think the cats will be a problem, we have 2 and they are scared of our chickens. We registered with the British Hen Welfare Trust they re-home ex-battery hens about 18 months old, but they still lay for a year or more, the site is full of useful information too. But if you are looking for specific breeds, always buy at POL (pont of lay) age. Ian