Monday, 23 December 2013

Feeding the birds with home made Fat Balls

Too cold & wet for me, but the Birds need food too.

So I made some fat balls.

Some bird seed, un-salted peanuts, sunflower seed & some mixed dry fruit (raisins, sultanas etc) and half a block of Lard (not veg fat). Put the Lard in a pan and heat gently, when liquid add the dry ingredients, mix well and leave to cool a little. Will fill about 6 yoghurt pots.
I use washed out yoghurt pots, with a hole in the bottom (use a skewer heated in a gas flame) put a length of string through the hole, then spoon the lard & seed mix into the yoghurt pot, pop in the freezer to set hard. 

When set you can push the fat ball out and if you want to hang them up, you can tie a piece of twig to the string as it acts as a perch. But I'm putting them in feeder's made for the fat balls you buy. I bet they will be gone next time I visit the plot :)

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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