Saturday, 10 August 2013

Catchup weekend (part one) Saturday

So after a week away on holiday in Gloucestershire, I return to a task we planned for this weekend. To lift all the remaining Onions, 'Red Cross' and 'Stuttgarter' not a bad harvest, I checked the weight of the 'Radar' White Onions I lifted a few weeks ago, now they are fully dry, they weigh 8.5 Lb (4 kg) !    
After digging all the Onions up, I then dug over the patch removing as many weeds as I could, then dug in 2 bags of well rotted manure, that has been kept in sacks since getting from the local stables a few months ago, so perfect for digging in now.
The other job to do was to dig up some more Beetroot, my wife is making an Orange & Beetroot Chutney/Relish and these look just ready for that recipe. As you probably know we have dug up some already, so know they are going to be good for Chutney.
Top Tip: 
This is the patch where the Beetroot have been dug from, it's best to dig over any site you have just harvested from to loosen & aerate the soil so perennial weeds don't get a hold which will be harder to remove later.
So the next job to do, a rather pleasurable one, was to have a Bonfire and burn all those weeds! I will be back tomorrow, to plant something in the patch the Onions were, so check back and see what.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian.

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