Saturday, 20 April 2013

Lovely sunny day, so got lots done

First job to do today was to get more Potatoes in, 'Charlotte' 2nd early this week.
I planted 42 in 3 rows & calculate I can fit in all 5 varieties in the patch I dug & rotovated. 
That's 3 rows of each, so will be interesting to see the yield this year. 
I finished the Lavender planters I put in last week, treated the wood, lined with 2 layers of mulch fabric, then filled with a 50/50 mix of soil & compost each box contains 6 plants, not easy to see here but in no time I'm sure they will grow bigger.
I was right, all the Rhubarb needed was warmth and rain, that's just what it got.
What a difference it has made, won't be long before the first harvest this year. 
The variety is 'Stockbridge Arrow'

So as I said was a lovely sunny day, the forecast is for rain tomorrow so at least all we planted today will get watered.
Radish, Cos Lettuce, Rhubarb Chard & Round Carrots all were sown today. 
Was so warm, we spotted several Bees & even a Butterfly, spring is definitely here 

Next week I will do the monthly Video walkabout, there will be some changes from last month.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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