Sunday, 12 August 2012

Wet Sunday

Before I set off for the Allotment today I checked the online weather forecast, it said overcast but dry, rain tomorrow, so I set off and just as I reached the gate to my plot the heavens opened!

So I sheltered in the Greenhouse, where the Tomatoes are doing well, the Basil too. Perfect bed fellows Basil & Tomato, the scent when you enter the greenhouse is wonderful.
So it was one of the shortest visits in a long time, but I still managed to dig up some Cara Potatoes for dinner tonight and some Raspberries & Blueberries, to sprinkle over my breakfast Cornflakes in the morning.

This is the view from the Shed, I ended up sitting in it and having the pic-nic I had packed, in the hope I would have stayed for at least 3 hours, but the rain (you might not see it in the photo) got heavier, so I headed back home, no weeding for me today!
But guess what, soon after I arrived back at home and dried off, the rain stopped & the sun came out. Oh well there is next week for weeding.
Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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