Monday, 23 July 2012

A week of change on the Plot

It's been a week of up's and downs.
We visited the RHS Tatton Flower Show on Saturday, lots of lovely gardens, some with Veg but sadly most did not.
We did buy a few pond plants which have been put in place and we have seen a few tiny Frogs in our pond.

But work on the plot has to go on, so we've been busy, read on.

Here is where the early Potatoes 'Rocket' are growing, they were stalled by the Frosts in March/April but have caught up now, so where I have dug some up we have put 2 more Courgettes in, I must be mad!

But lots more planting is planned.

Harvests this week:
Peas & Sweet Peas.

We've had some sad news this week, Hetty one of our Hens, who had not been well and on medication, died on Thursday.
The 2 remaining, Peggy & Maud are fighting fit and still enjoying a trip to the Allotment, here you can see them scratching around the fruit cage.
Although it's sad we lost Hetty, the good thing is she enjoyed 16 months of freedom from the Battery Farm, doing normal Hen behavior.

One other thing we did, was to clear out the Spinach & Chard that had finished or gone to seed, due to the odd weather we have had.
The Comfrey that was growing along side was also cut back, the cuttings went straight into my Comfrey Tea bin to make FREE plant food.

We then planted some more Chard, that we had started off in Modules.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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