Sunday, 5 February 2012

Frozen Solid

This weekend not much got done, due to the frozen soil.
While the rest of the country was under a blanket of Snow, all we had was frost & Ice.

But was an ideal time to do some clearing and burning of weeds etc.

I love a Bonfire.

All the weeds & spent woody veg, stuff that wont compost well, was dried as below, and burnt on the bonfire.

No better way to put some goodness back into the soil as the potash from the fire adds carbon to the soil to improve it.

Dried rotten wood also goes onto the fire.

I have a way of drying weeds etc ready for the bonfire, as shown here.
It's just a piece of stiff wire mesh on top of a couple of Breeze-blocks, this means the weeds are not going mushy on the soil, as rain can soak through, also Hedgehogs cant shelter in the weed pile and risk being burnt when set alight. But I always move my dry weeds to a new bonfire location to be sure.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian


  1. I love that you're not only providing shelter for the hedgehogs, but keeping them away from the fire too. We didn't have snow, the weekend was quite mild, it was Thursday that was coldest for us - I stood on the fork & it didn't move (and we've got sandy soil!)

    Looking forward to reading more later in the year ;-)

  2. Hi
    We had a covering of snow over the weekend. i really need to burn some rubbish from last year but I reckon it's going to be a bit wet for the next few weeks. I like your weed drying method - might just have to give it a go.