Saturday, 28 January 2012

A lovely, but cold, Saturday

Well the weather forecast was correct and the sun came out so a perfect day to visit the Allotment.

The Onions I planted out last year have survived the winter so far.
White 3 rows to the left, Reds 3 rows to the right, about 30 of each.

The Leeks I planted last year, early ones on the left, late ones on the right, have also survived the winter well.

We have harvest
ed some of the early ones for Leek & Potato soup and were lovely.

The late ones will mature later this year for a successive crop.

As I said the sun was shining, after a frosty start and the ground was still quite hard in places, so all I could do was do a spot of weeding.

The Asparagus I planted out in April last year, was in need of a good weeding and looks a lot better for it.

I had to be careful with my weeding fork as Asparagus roots are fragile and don't like to be di
sturbed, we haven't had a crop yet so didn't want to risk damaging the roots.

I also planned for the next few jobs that need doing.

In other news:

The 1st of my potato order arrived this week.
The Charlotte (2nd early) are 'chitting' now in egg trays, in a cool but bright place.

The rest are expected to arrive within the next few weeks.

Thanks for reading/returning. Ian

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